13 Things You Didn't Know About ... Dianne Hounsome

It's easy to learn about someone's company with a few mouse clicks. But because Vacation Ownership is a people business, we want to introduce you to the People of Canadian VOA. On this page we profile a CVOA member, highlighting "13 Things You Didn't Know About" the person.

This month we introduce you to Dianne Hounsome, CVOA's Vice-Chair.

A Few Things Almost Everyone Knows About Dianne:

Where I Grew Up: On Sparrow Lake in the middle of Bayview Wildwood Resort in Port Stanton, Ontario.

Family: I am married to Charles Hounsome (who is 20 years older than me) and we have twins, Sydney and Chris, who are now 22 and just getting into their new careers. I also have two step-sons, Todd is an Investment Broker and Scott is a corporate lawyer. We have two grandchildren, Emma (4) and Charlotte (7), who stay with “Grammy Di” quite a bit in the summer.

Hobbies: Reading, cruising, looking after grandkids and playing with my two Australian Shepherds.

Food & Drink: Love wine! Love food!

What I Drive: A GMC Sierra - yes - a 4-wheel drive truck. 

13 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Dianne:

1. Reading: The Divergent series

2. Watching: Game of Thrones

3. Always On My Desk: Pad of paper with my to-do list, which is always changing and never done.

4. Favourite Tech Gadget: Google tablet - have everything on it.

5. What I Wanted To Be When I Grow Up And Why: A veterinarian - I have always been around and loved animals.

6. First job In Hospitality/Shared Ownership: At 8 years old I worked in the "Tuck Shop" at the resort. Candy, ice cream - yum!

7. How/Why I Joined This Crazy Industry: I was set to get my Masters and PhD in Tourism and teach at a university, but I came home to work in the family resort business. Now I’m a 5th generation resort operator.

8. Next On My Bucket List: I just completed a scuba diving course and crossed it off my bucket list. Next is a trip to Northern Europe, Ireland and Scotland.

9. What I’m Passionate About: My family, resort and long-term guests.

10. My Business Mantra: Lead by example.

11. Biggest Risk I Ever Took: Taking on two step-sons who were only 7 and 12 years younger than me … and both of them worked for me.

12. Something I Had To Learn On The Fly: Computer networking for the resort.

13. Window Or Aisle: I prefer the aisle because I like being able to get up without bothering other passengers. 
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