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Newton Group Transfers is committed to creating and executing safe, reliable, and strategic transfer services to timeshare owners who find themselves in a position where they are either no longer using or can no longer afford their vacation property. The vast majority of owners are happy with their ownership, with recent polling indicating an 80 percent satisfaction rate. We are here to service the remaining 20 percent who have come to the end of the life cycle of their vacation property. 

We provide a valuable pressure relief valve that benefits developers, owners, and the timeshare industry as a whole. We are dedicated to preserving the integrity of this industry while also providing owners with a convenient strategic exit. We are not interested in harming the reputation of timeshare, but rather attempting to galvanize an already strong public opinion of this innovative and flexible vacation option.

Every month, we market to and speak with thousands of timeshare owners, and in doing so, we communicate messaging that is consistent with the viability and attraction of the timeshare industry. Moving forward, we are interested in merging our marketing and communication efforts with CRDA to ensure the long-term popularity and growth of the timeshare industry as a whole and to create standards and solutions that eradicate scam artists, reinforce positive, impactful messaging, and reinvigorate inventory.

Contact Person: Gordon Newton ( President )

Phone: (616) 217-4085



Address: 2200 E Williamsfield Road, Suite 200
Gilbert AZ 85295
United States

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